august 17 324smThese 3 hr lessons will help you to start out right each time you go paddling.  Kayaks, like cloths are something to wear and making sure your kayak fits to your liking is essestial to your enjoyment and good skill develpment.  So many  boats, so little time,  how do you know which one is right?  Find out the answer here.  We cover paddles, PFD's, safety gear, boat set up, launch and landing; all the right stuff to get you started.  Then it's on the water to cover the basics; Forward Stroke, Backing, turning and stopping.  Once you've masterd those, you can go just about anywhere.  It's not rocket science, but it is "kayak science.  Lessons start at 9:00 am and finish around noon on the selected dates below.

In the afternoon we cover more strokes, introduce bracing and moving sideways, as well as low brace turns.  Paddle Float rescue rounds out the experience.  This part begins about 1:00 pm and continues until we're done, usually around 4:00.  You can buy them separetly depending on your needs, experience and availablity. 

Together, these workshops make up the first half of the Intro to kayaking week end.

 Dates  Price
June 16, June 30, 

 $45. +HST


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What our customers are saying...

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did for Derek and I during the trip last fall. It really was a great experience and i'm sohappy with myself for completing the journey.

- The McLeods