pc logo pngPaddle Canada programs are nationally recognized certifications that take paddlers from the novice level and progresses through to advanced open ocean kayaking.  Horizons has offerings from Introduction (novice) up to level 3 (intermediate/advanced) all available this summer.  Most are close to home. A few are offered in other exciting locations such as Vancouver Island or in  the Gaspe.  Now a Paddle Canada certification option is offered on all our Intro to Kayaking weekends when you complete the requirements and meet the pre-requisites.
Paddle Canada Programs include

  • Intro to kayaking Paddling with a partner in calm protected waters
  • Level 1 Paddling in a group or solo in calm, protected waters on a day trip
  • Level 2 Includes multi day travel and less protected coastline
  • Level 3: Mutli day expedition leadership training and crisis management.

What our customers are saying...

The tour and the guide did their best to show us the wonderful area. There was no rush and no pressure put on us, so we could enjoy this trip.  His awarness about all the dangers on the water was always present.  The food was excellent.

- Brigitte and Max