Guide & Instructor Training

2.5 Days, Sept 22-24th, 2017
Regular - $350.00
Canoe Club Members - $200.00 (Course only, Accomodations not included)
Whitefish, ON,

This course addresses all the components and approaches to instruction and coaching to deliver the content of Paddle Canada's Introduction to Kayaking (Formerly called "Flatwater Kayaking").  Participants will be challenged to develop presentation skills, paddling demonstration skills and assessment tools to deliver the Paddle Canada Introduction to Kayaking program.  A great way to improve your own paddling skills and expertise.  The price does NOT include Paddle Canada Instructor Membership fees of $95.00
This is also part 1 of the Level 1 Sea Kayak Instructor course.  Part 2 will follow up on the first week end of October 6-8, 2017

Pre-requisite: Paddle Canada Level 1 or ORCKA  level 1

Paddle Canada Sea Kayaking Instructor Level 2
(5 days) April 17-21, 2017
Will be run on Vancouver Island
in cooperation with Blue Dog Kayaking
Pre-requisite: Paddle Canada Level 3 skills,

The Paddle Canada Level 2 instructor course is for advanced paddlers with a Level 3 skills certification who are interested in further developing their proficiency by instructing and guiding.  This course prepares candidates to be instructors for Paddle Canada's Level 2 courses, which include multi-day kayak trips on exposed coastlines with exposure to wind, waves and currents.  Candidates should have high proficiency with Level 3 skills, including rolling and rescues with loaded boats in adverse conditions.  Assesment will include organization and lesson planning, dealing with risk, hazards and disaster, low impact camping, food and nutrition, navigation and seamanship.

This course is a cooperative effort between Horizons adventures and Blue Dog Kayaking


Time will be devoted to lesson planning, components of good teaching practice and theory and lots of hands on teaching. Students will be evaluated on their hard paddling skills and teaching ability. Upon successful completion of the Instructor Level I course, the Instructor may administer and instruct the Basic Kayaking Course and the Sea Kayaking Level I Course in accordance with Paddle Canada policies and standards and in compliance with all laws governing such activities and also be able to administer Sea Kayaking programs to individuals on Calm, sheltered water. A Level I instructor is expected to promote the Paddle Canada Sea Kayaking Program.  

This is a 2 part program.  Part 1 will be run from May 11-13 and include the Basic Kayak Instructor certification.  Part 2 will run June 6-10 and will include a full day of teaching skills to students and a full day paddle on the North Channel.

Full course fee is $450.00.  Canoe Club members $350.00   Fees do not include Paddle Canada yearly membership fee of $95.00.  

May 11-13, June 8-10, 2018 Sudbury Norther Water Sports Centre 6 days

Interested participants can contact Horizons for more information.


  • Paddle Canada Level 2 skills and a thorough grasp of level 1 skills requirements
  • Recommended Flat water Kayak instructor certification
  • Wilderness First Aid/CPR

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