Wilderness First Aid


 This 2.5 day (20 hrs) course for outdoor people who spend time in the bush away from immediate access to medical assistance. (Hours or days away) Also qualifies as a recertification for Outdoor Leaders 40 hr course. This gives you all the essential skills and knowledge to feel confident handling an embergency when help is not immediately available. Students will spend considerable amount of the course in outdoor simulations.  CPR also included

 Topics Include:

  • Pre-Hospital Care
  • Spinal cord injury management
  • Breaks and Sprains
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Backcountry Management of Shock
  • Patient Assessment System (SOAP)
  • Backcountry implications of CPR
  • Secondary survey
  • Vitals Establishing a baseline
  • Medical history


    Physical exam
 Feb 10-11, 2018 20 hrs/ 2.5 days for Outdoor adventurers $265+HST
March 24-25, 2018  20 hrs/2.5 days for Outdoor adventurers $265+HST

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Head and Spine Injury


This course has become a minimum standard for outdoor professionals, guides and instructors who work in a wilderness setting. Course content extends far beyond urban based first aid program to include elements inherent in leading groups in the outdoors and guiding wilderness adventures. Special emphasis is placed on accident scene management, leader responsibility and liability, prevention of injuries, advanced first aid kits, wound management and managing trauma victims.  

March 13-16, 2018 4 days $425.00
April 27-30, 2018 4 days $425.00

Includes:  CPR 

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